History & Purpose

National Association of Theatres Owners of Pennsylvania (“NATO of PA”) is a non-profit organization, formed in 1984. We are the sole exhibition trade association in our state. Our membership includes the largest chains, regional circuits and many independent theatre owners, and our membership is open to all exhibitors. Size does not matter within NATO of PA. The smallest independent exhibitor has the same voice as the largest circuit. All opinions are respected.

Our primary goals are information and service. We report regularly on, and seek to assure that movie exhibition has a voice in both legislation and litigation of interest to the feature motion picture exhibition business in our state.

We engage representation in Harrisburg to monitor all pending legislation and to bring to the attention of our association and members matters of particular interest to exhibition. We have had members testify before legislative committees about potential changes to the obscenity laws, proposed state and local tax legislation, construction laws and codes.

Our Unit actively participated in the defense of the constitutionality of the Pennsylvania Feature Motion Picture Fair Business Practices Law, which we won. We have in the past supported the efforts of exhibitors in disputes over the enforcement of ratings, local tax cases and zoning matters.

We provide a unified voice for exhibition in Pennsylvania. We are able to speak with one voice to distribution, the government and the media about issues that effect movie exhibition.

NATO of PA gives back to the community. Our annual scholarship programs since 1993 have assisted high school and college student employees at our members’ theatres to attend some of the finest colleges as well as trade schools throughout the country. We regularly contribute to well recognized movie industry charities, and recently made special donations to charities functioning in the aftermath of the attacks on September 11th.

Finally, NATO of PA is camaraderie. We provide an opportunity for all members to come together twice a year, not only to discuss the issues of concern to the industry, but also to have a good time.

Not only will this web site enable NATO of PA to communicate more frequently and effectively with members and their customers, but it will help to market both the exhibition business in Pennsylvania generally and also all of the individual theatres of our members.

Theater Operating Goals

Customer Service

We shall deliver outstanding service to our guests by meeting their expectations promptly and courteously, and by meeting any individual needs they may have.


We shall provide our guests with the cleanest and best-maintained facilities possible, furnishing them an attractive environment in which all will have a pleasant experience.


We shall provide a safe and secure environment, which encourages our guests to return often to enjoy the magic of the movies.

Screen Presentation

We shall provide the best picture, sound and auditorium environment possible in order to preserve, promote and enhance the shared experience of viewing motion pictures on the big screen as they meant by their gifted creators to be seen